Company policy


Here at SM SAVALL we are passionate about becoming a leader in our industry.

To accomplish this goal, we deliver premium quality services enhanced by standout values in responsiveness, highly-skilled staff and the technical capacity and competence afforded by world-class equipment and infrastructure. The endpoint is to make us into an organisation which embraces the values of a great company that manages its resources effectively and efficiently.

Everything we do at SM SAVALL is designed to meet our customers’ needs, something which calls for total employee and supplier engagement.

Hence our Management System Policy is a cornerstone of the company’s General Policy to set and review objectives to attain our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Likewise, we are committed to investing all our financial, technological and human potential in achieving the objectives we have set. This means the company’s organisation, investment policy, development of new methods and human resources are primarily geared towards catering for our customers’ needs under the guidelines laid down by our management team.

Our operating principles are:

The management team at SM SAVALL has set out the following principles and commitments in its Integrated Management Policy with a view to combining peerless quality, environmental stewardship and health and safety in all operations when delivering our services.

Consequently the management team at SM SAVALL aligns its technical, productive, financial and human resources and means into a single competitive decision-making structure and management system based on the following objectives:

  • Mapping out sustainable value propositions for customers that meet their needs and buttress their loyalty as an essential prerequisite for the continuity of our business.
  • Helping towards continuous improvement in the services delivered to our customers.
  • Establishing continuous improvement as a core operating principle rooted in preventing, rather than correcting, process failures, impairment of health and environmental harm and pollution by optimising resources for sustainable development.
  • Generating and promoting in-house communication channels which ensure the ongoing engagement, satisfaction and training of employees who are the key players in the continuous improvement of SM SAVALL.
  • Putting in place integrated management procedures to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and other requirements designed to prevent pollution.
  • Forging strategic partnerships with our suppliers to build business interactions for enhancing quality and safeguarding the environment which deliver added value for both sides.
  • Continuously training our workers in occupational health and safety, firefighting and command of the equipment needed to conduct our operations.

This policy is tailored to our organisation’s situation and conveyed to and understood by our staff who are committed to engaging with quality management.