Recuperació de nau sinistrada per incendi. Proquibasa, Barcelona


Explosion in an industrial building in the chemical sector. General cleaning and decontamination of the entire site. Cryogenic cleaning of the loading bay area and all existing machinery. Removal of machinery and trucks damaged by the incident. Degassing, cleaning and removal of large and heavy tanks. Repositioning of the new tanks using sand support bedding and specific anchors, repairing entrances to the tanks and supplying and fitting reinforced concrete covers for access to the area. Recovery of the damaged structures, concrete gutters, canopies, tank structures, weighbridge structure, concrete slab, pillars and vertical surfaces. Removing asbestos-containing roofs, fitting new roofs and managing the resulting waste. Paint finishing work on the entire building.


Client: Productos Quimicos Barcelona, S.A.
Location: Barcelona
Surface Area: 3.800 m²
Completed: March 2020 – December 2020
Affectation type: Partial