smsavall Recovery of spaces


Recuperació d’espais

Facility recovery

Retirada d’amiant de forma segura i immediata

Immediate, safe asbestos removal

Neteja tècnica

Technical cleaning

Reconstrucció total de naus industrials

Comprehensive reconstruction of industrial buildings

Desmantellament i enderroc de grans estructures

Dismantling and demolishing large structures

Retirada i substitució de cobertes

Removing and replacing roofs


We establish an intervention protocol to reduce the time of action and thus reduce the impact on the business and the activity of the company.

When a loss occurs, the company appoints an expert.

We deliver an emergency response and assistance with the investigation within the first 24 hours

We help you to appoint an assessor to take over these duties.

Study of the insurance policy and verification of loss.

Application of valuation techniques and analysis of resources.

We organise the work plan.

We develop the engineering project.

Evaluation of estimates with the company.

Our specialists carry out cleaning and demolition work.

Rebuilding the damaged industrial unit in its entirety.

Recovery of spaces, smsavall



  • Claims procedures
  • Defence of the insured party
  • Loss rating
  • Drawing up specific documents
  • Resolution of incidents
Gestió de sinistres
Gestió de sinistres
Gestió de sinistres
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Gestió de sinistres


  • Aerial surveys
  • Experts in structural bracing on the site of collapse
  • Industrial clean-up
  • Consolidation of walls and roofs
  • Partial and complete demolition
  • Reconstruction of units
  • Plans
  • New construction of industrial units
  • Emergency safety perimeter fences
  • Dismantling large structures
  • Removing fibre cement components and roofs
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Gestió de sinistres
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Our team is made up of the finest professionals equipped with the most innovative technological resources so we can cater for each customer’s needs.

We have all the compulsory training required along with additional training to enhance our professionalism and gain new skills.

We are committed to continuing education for our team so as to be at the forefront of our industry and ensure we have the right occupational health and safety measures in place, something which is also an essential requirement for all of our partners.

Recovery of spaces SM SAVALL


In 2021, we have been awarded triple ISO certification in these standards:

9001:2015 Sistema de Gestió de Qualitat

9001:2015 Quality management system, number EC-10557/21

14001:2015 Sistema de Gestió Ambiental

14001:2015 Environmental management system, number MA-4334/21

45001:2018 Sistema de Gestió de Seguretat i Salut en el Treball

45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, number PRL-4139/21

These certifications confirm that our company has successfully completed in-depth validation of our compliance with legal regulations, our organisational and document management system and our operating procedures in dismantling large structures, debris removal and reconstruction, site rehabilitation, technical cleaning and decontamination, such as asbestos removal, and claims handling.

Implementing these standards has brought our company more efficient management, access to new business opportunities and market leadership.